Live a safe experience, enjoying every moment fully and exclusively in your stay

Enjoy your trip from start to finish and avoid any unforeseen ruin the moment with our Hotel Marquis / AIG program at our subsidiaries in Mexico City and Los Cabos.

Our coverage and assistance are designed so that your stay is safe at any time, whether caused by a medical emergency or an unexpected accident . Today more than ever, foresee a safe vacation for you and your family.

Learn about our exclusive benefits!

Coverage Sum assured
Trip interruption $ 700 usd

Emergency medical expenses and illness in the

Mexican republic

$ 3,500 usd
Emergency transfer and medical repatriation $ 1,600 usd
Transfer of a companion $ 700 usd
Funeral expenses abroad or repatriation of remains $ 3,500 usd

Personal luggage during your trip

$ 500 usd

Our assistance included are:

  • Help in case of loss of passport
  • Conditioning and sanitizing the room
  • Medical guidance by video consultation (telemedicine)
  • Telephone medical guidance
  • Emergency ambulance dispatch to the nearest hospital  on the AIG list
  • Home doctor with preferential cost

All our rooms have our insurance in CDMX and Los Cabos.

With AIG and Marquis Hotels you will live your holidays as before